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AVI Jogging Stroller - Maliblue

From 6 months to approx. 4 years (55 lbs)

Includes: Jogging stroller frame and seat pack



The lightweight aluminum frame and air-filled tires make each run incredibly smooth and liberating

Stay on track with the AVI’s lightweight aluminum frame, 20” rear wheels and a front wheel that’s fixed for extra stability. The jogging stroller is also designed to allow a full range of motion for your stride so you can enjoy the best running experience



Within seconds, the AVI can be folded into an ultra-compact package using just one hand for convenient storage in most trunks. All wheels are easily removed with no tools required, for an ultra-compact folded size of 35” x 23” x 9.8”



Air-filled tires keep the ride smooth while soft rear suspension absorbs all the bumps of the road—greater freedom for you and exceptional comfort for your child



The reinforced backrest keeps your child comfortable and secure while the infinite recline settings lets them sit back and relax



The rounded handlebar shape is ergonomically designed for efficient steering and can be adjusted to fit your height. It can be steered with one hand, leaving your other arm free to swing naturally for effortless running. The silicone grip is not only slip-proof, but also shock-absorbing and comfortable to hold even during longer runs



The handbrake helps vary the stroller speed to meet your pace


Can the wheels be replaced when they wear down?

A: Our high-quality products are characterized by extremely high durability. Nevertheless, if any problems or sign of wear should occur, we would be glad to help you with repair or replacement parts. Please contact the CYBEX customer care team at 1-877-242-5676 or visit https://cybex-online.com/en-us/contact.

Where can I get replacement parts for my product?

A: Please contact the CYBEX customer care team at 1-877-242-5676 or visit https://cybexonline. com/en-us/contact.

I would like to order an AVI. What will I receive with my delivery?

: There are two options for ordering an AVI: receive an AVI frame and seat pack in a predetermined color combination or select your frame and seat pack color separately. Choosing the latter option allows you to customize your AVI to your own taste with a choice of three frame colors and five fabric colors. You will receive a frame in your chosen color, the front wheel, both rear wheels, a basket, seat pack in your chosen color and a matching canopy.

What size are the wheels?

A: The air-filled tires have the following dimensions: Fixed Front wheel: 16” diameter Rear wheels: 20” diameter The large wheel size of the AVI offers exceptional stability and speed while you’re on your run.

What is the folded size?

A: The AVI can fold down to an ultra-compact size, allowing you to store it away with the ease when your run is complete. In its most ultra-compact folded size (with the wheels removed), the folded dimensions of the AVI are as follows: Length: 35"/ Width: 23" / Height: 10" The AVI is quick and easy to fold, using just one hand

Do all CYBEX infant car seats fit on the AVI?

A: Yes, you can attach any CYBEX or gb car seat using adapters (sold separately). This allows you to take your child from the car to the sidewalk, without having to remove your child from the car seat. Please note however that the AVI must never be used for jogging and running when an infant car seat is attached. Specific running instructions can be found in the warning booklet supplied with the product.

When can I take my child on a run with AVI?

A: Once your child is at least 9 months old and is able to sit upright unassisted, they should be ready to ride in the AVI while it is being pushed at a running pace. However, every child is unique and develops at a different rate. If you are uncertain whether your child is ready to ride in the AVI, please consult your pediatrician prior to running.

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